Fully Managed ICT Services & Support

IT Support Services for Business Customers

The Nerve Centre and Helpdesk

Commercial iCT is one of few companies running a South African-based Nerve Centre. This is the digital hub and the core of our processes and technology. Its purpose is to monitor, remotely manage, support and regulate our ICT environment and infrastructure within our own network and our clients' networks. It provides a single point of contact that allows remote access to our cloud and hosted infrastructure, clients network infrastructure and end-user devices, enabling tier-3 support on a 24/7 basis. This means that at the press of a button, our engineers can access your ICT systems to support, assist, manage and update to ensure optimal operation.

Network Infrastructure

At Commercial iCT no networking request is too big or too small to cover. We are able to implement and support, including design and roll out of our clients networking requirements, offering managed MPLS networks, fiber optic networks, fiber to the home networks (FTTH), servers and core infrastructure, SANs (storage area networks), CNs (content networks), Internet services provider, intranet’s, extranet’s to managed VPN’s (virtual private networks), VLAN setup and configuration for voice and data systems within the same networks and customized cloud solutions. We also consult with our clients to evaluate the best and most cost effective networking infrastructure to support their primary objective.

IT Maintenance and Support

Ensure continuous use and improvement of your technology infrastructure and IT network through our maintenance services. This is our "core business" we offer both onsite technicians that perform routine on-site maintenance and a 24/7 remote support service all year round through our nerve center and helpdesk. 
Commercial iCT provides the whole spectrum of Infrastructure, communication and telecoms maintenance services, we believe that IT support must be proactive and regular on-site support is provided by default, complimented by our network and infrastructure monitoring systems in our nerve center. Commercial iCT has a broad range of on-site monthly SLA based network support maintenance packages available to suite your budget and requirements, included in the monthly support is the monitoring of our clients core infrastructure, core services and ensuring the daily backups are successful.

Speak to us to assist you with your company’s iCT support maintenance requirements.

Network and Infrastructure Auditing

Performing a network and infrastructure audit provides companies with accurate information about their networks and infrastructure, there are many benefits to auditing your network and infrastructure, the audited information provides CIO’s, Directors, IT managers and IT staff with information about their networks that can be utilized for troubleshooting, future budgeting, loss control analysis, data security and network vulnerability, costs optimization, redundant and unused hardware use and locations, systems optimization, backups management policies, ISO compliance and accurately updating their existing documentation. Many medium to large companies experience high IT staff turnover and a lack of accurate documentation including outdated policies and procedures, this leaves CIO’s, Directors and managers with limited technical skills the daunting task of trying to figure out the complete network and infrastructure setup. Commercial iCT has the experience and the resources to provide and present accurate network and infrastructure audited information.  Commercial iCT guarantee that our network auditing procedures are accurate and present ‘as is’ information about our customers networks. All information is formally documented into an audit report that consists of topology drawings and infrastructure information, policies and procedures and presented to our client with recommendations.  

VOIP services

  Commercial iCT has partnered with Vodacom Business to provide voice over IP (VoIP) services and infrastructure. We provide both the Cisco hardware (phones) as well as services like instant messaging through applications integrated on the VOIP network for efficient communications requirements and best value use of the network, Commercial iCT provide and support VOIP networks from your small office to medium to large offices with national branches or international locations. Commercial iCT analyses your existing telecommunications costs and infrastructure and provides communication solutions to our clients providing up to 30 percent savings in some instances. This service introduces major short and long term cost savings for our clients compared to the use of ordinary legacy based telephone systems and services.

Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing infrastructure and services is utilized by businesses of any size at any location. We have cloud infrastructure at all the major datacenters throughout South Africa as well as provide Microsoft Azure dynamic infrastructure services, Commercial iCT cloud infrastructure allows centralized data storage and online access to services, applications and resources 24/7/365 days a year. This service benefits businesses as it will reduce your power usage, air conditioning and rack space requirements, no load shedding issues and theft and security issues. Our cloud computing service will get your business up and running faster with improved manageability and less maintenance.  Cloud computing also enables a more rapid adjustment of resources to meet nowadays' fluctuating and unpredictable business demands. We offer a "pay-as-you-go" model on Microsoft’s Azure platform for this service that can be tailored according to the specific needs of our clients. Commercial iCT builds, provides and supports many types of customized cloud server solutions.