Commercial ICT is focused on providing clients with a range of strategically selected ICT products that will help to grow and sustain their businesses by increasing productivity and reducing losses.

Mission-critical signalling solutions for the alarm security industry

Commercial ICT’s South African-based Nerve Centre is the digital hub and the core of its processes and technology. What does it do?

• Ease of installation – plug and play
• Used in conjunction with the Permaconn web portal Atlas, the installer can view all events sent to the central station in real-time
• End users can remotely arm and disarm their alarm system, using the Pocket Secure smartphone app (available on Google Play and iTunes stores)
• Ideal as an upgrade or replacement for traditional alarm PSTN diallers
• Installations are future-proofed against any VoIP or NBN upgrades

Always-on cable theft monitoring device

Commercial ICT’s CM12 cable theft monitoring and alerting system makes use of Permaconn devices and the Pocket Secure app for real-time alerting and providing a communication platform for delivering the alerts into the monitoring centre. It can:

• Protect up to 12 AC and pulsed DC supply cables per CM12 unit
• Be installed into existing substations, mini-sub transformers or deployed in mobile devices to protect distribution cables installed in temporary distribution boards out in the field
• Provide geo-location reporting to allow maintenance and security personnel to request assistance from colleagues and the monitoring centre at any time

Office 365 solutions

Commercial ICT offers Office 365, a line of Microsoft subscription services. What are the advantages for businesses?

• Automatic updates to the software at no additional charge, as opposed to conventional licences for these programs
• The ability to work from anywhere
• Access up-to five devices easily – PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets
• Free consultation & solutions proposals from Commercial ICT

Did you know?

Commercial ICT has assisted over 500 businesses to move their emails to Office 365.

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