Vodacom Internet of Things (IoT)The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming assets into intelligent devices. Sensors and other electronic devices are attached to a remote machine enabling the capturing of critical information such as temperature, speed, location, etc. This data can be transmitted and translated into meaningful information which can then be augmented with external data sources, providing you with real business intelligence and decision-making ability.

Here’s how our IoT solutions can add value to your business:


  • Access smart systems to manage resources in the right ways and reduce costs inefficiencies.
  • Track & communicate the condition, location and performance of your critical assets – from anywhere!
  • Make better decisions and maximise resources by using data analytics from connected devices.
  • Gather and analyse purchasing data to interact with your customers in a unique and personalised way.



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Virtaul Hosting with Vodacom Cloud Manager Domain Services with Vodacom

Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager

Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager is a dedicated virtual web or application server in a shared hosting environment to give you a complete and robust IT cloud platform with the highest levels of availability, responsiveness and full remote management

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A comprehensive service that meets all your domain-related requirements. Get a wide range of domain-related offerings such as domain registration, domain parking, domain search, domain renewal, domain transfer, domain reservation, domain lookup and domain forwarding.

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