Vodacom Mobile Business SolutionsBusiness Mobile Services

We provide a range of mobile services that allow you to remain productive on your Vodacom Business lines. With these services, you can buy additional bundles whenever you need them and use our value-added services to benefit your mobile experience. You’ll have more control over your line especially if you’re willing to pick up the tab personally.

Vodacom mobile service offerings:

    • Whether you’re a sole trader, small business or large corporation, our range of mobile services will enable you to do business anywhere. Use them to enhance and improve your business processes and mobilise your staff.
    • Credit card purchases: Purchase once-off bundles without admin restrictions on your business-owned devices.
    • Self-service enablement: Enjoy the capabilities of allowing your employees to purchase bundles and services on their lines.


Your Business Needs Vodacom Business Solutions

Vodacom One Net Business Vodacom Mobile Business Solutions Advanced Conference Call

One Net Business

Vodacom One Net Business provides a simple solution for
companies struggling with the cost and inefficiency of missed
phone calls and complex mobile and landline phone systems.
Designed for businesses of all sizes, it enables flexible working
within a pay-as-you-grow model.

Conference Call Advanced

Conference Call Advanced is a multi-party call conference facility
that allows up to five Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers to hold a mobile conference.
Make a single phone call to set up virtual meetings across the world and set up FREE multi-party, dedicated conference calls.

Vodacom Hosted IP PBX

Vodacom Business VoIP Service

Hosted IP PBX

The Hosted IP PBX solution has all the features of a traditional
Private Branch Exchange but is hosted in the cloud, so you don’t
have to worry about managing or operating it. It has the added benefit of being highly secure and easily scalable to growing
business needs. You also have the ability to port in geographic numbers from any network to our Vodacom network, allowing us
to become your end-to-end solutions provider.


Vodacom Business VoIP service VoIP uses the latest IP technology to provide high quality voice transmission services and can be utilized
by businesses of all sizes.

You can combine voice and data transfer over the same line, providing an integrated package, with a single point of
accountability and service.

Vodacom Spend Manager

Vodacom SecureNet

Spend Manager

Spend Manager assists enterprises in understanding and managing their mobile spend – at a global and/or local level, and across voice devices, mobile APN and data devices. All consolidated data is available as reports and can be accessed via a standard web browser.


Vodacom SecureNet is an online security product for smart mobile and mobile broadband devices, ensuring that your business is ready to be more productive and
work more securely.

Vodacom Business Tickets

Business Tickets

Vodacom Business Tickets are data bundles that provide access to apps that are essential
for your employees, such as email, navigation apps and cloud storage. That means your employees will be connected in the ways that matter to you and your business, with no possibility of misusing their data, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs.