Redstor Disaster Recovery

With Ransomware presenting an ongoing threat to data, organisations need to ensure they are actively working to prevent becoming infected

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new product which, utilising machine-learning and AI, enables the detection and removal of malware from within backup data.

Ransomware Detection
Time to detection – The average time to detect a malware breach is 206 days or 6.8 months. It is vital to be able to detect and remove malware from within backups to ensure a clean recovery.
Ransomware Defense
Defence in depth – In line with advice from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Redstor Malware Detection allows users to tackle malware with ‘multiple defensive layers’
Malware Detection
No impact on resources – Redstor’s Malware detection requires no additional resources or set-up and is implemented as part of your existing Redstor Data Management regime
Actionable Intelligence on Malware
Actionable intelligence – Take advantage of instant notifications and the ability to quarantine, rollback or delete infected files from backups at the click of a button

Click on the image below to download the full brochure on Protection Against Malware from Redstor.

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