Commercial iCT's superior Firewall and security knowledge sets us apart from all other businesses


IT Security and network compliance 

As a business ourselves we know how important network and data security is and we take pride in protecting our clients networks at High standards at all times. Our superior Firewall and security knowledge sets us apart from all other businesses. Our 24 Hour Technical support team are always available to ensure your business is fully protected to all “Unwanted Guests”.

IT Security and network compliance is vital to any businesses ongoing success. With the increase in Cyber hacking and ransomware IT security is vital to all businesses to protect your data and integrity of your network.


Many medium to large companies experience high IT staff turnover and a lack of accurate documentation, including outdated policies and procedures. Commercial ICT has the experience and the resources to offer accurate network and infrastructure audited information that can be utilised for:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Future budgeting
  • Accurately updating clients’ existing documentation
  • Loss control analysis
  • Data security and network vulnerability
  • Costs optimisation
  • Redundant and unused hardware use and locations
  • Systems optimisation
  • Backup of management policies
  • ISO compliance
  • Compliance with Microsoft
  • Domain controller security
  • Firewall security and compliance
  • Internal and external penetration tests
  • IT risk assessments


Commercial ICT also offers all its clients full network and compliance audits. Ranging from:

IT Security compliance

Internal and external penetration tests

IT Risk assessments

Firewall security and compliance

Microsoft compliance audits

Domain controller security compliance

    And so much more

Commercial ICT is a proud provider of all High end IT security ranging from Sopho’s security to Esset (High spec Security to low level security depending on your business needs and affordability).

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