At Elvey Group, we strive to offer better rather than cheaper solutions.

This makes who we partner with, from a supplier standpoint, critical to our business. Elvey Group, therefore makes a point of partnering with high-pedigree manufacturers.

  • Manufacturers who are progressive in their thinking.
  • Manufacturers who have the financial muscle to demonstrate:
    • Effective Research and Development activity
    • Robust Product Development pipelines
    • High levels of Quality Control
    • Many of these partnerships have stood the test of time, lasting over 20 years. This provides our customers the technological edge in the market.

Becoming a Supplier

Should you fit the above criteria and wish to become a supplier to Elvey Group, feel free to contact us directly. We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations.

Credit Facility

If you are too small to qualify for credit, yet too big to operate without credit, contact our accounts department on (011) 401 6700. Alternatively, click on the link below to download our credit application.

In order for us to begin your application process; you can email the credit application form along with the below-listed attachments to We have a committed team ready to process your credit application within 72 hours.
List of documents to be provided with completed and signed credit application;

  • Original Application Form
  • Business Founding/Registration certificate
  • Certified copies of all identity documents of
  • Partners/Members/Directors
  • Cancelled Cheque or stamped letter from bank