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A fully managed, ‘always on’ alerting system that notifies your monitoring centre of cable theft attempts in real time.

  • Installs into existing substations, minisub transformers and temporary distribution boards
  • Protects and monitors AC supply cables using cable theft sensing technology
  • DIN mount device that protects up to 12 conductors per CM12 unit
  • Simple and safe installation that is cost effective to operate at scale
  • Rogowski coil technology
  • Realtime push notifi cations via the Pocket Secure App with geo location reporting
  • Manage your CM12 devices and all users within the Permaconn secure Atlas Platform
Rogowski Coil Technology

Busbars and irregular shaped cable bundles are common in applications such as power distribution points.
Conventional CT’s are not able to fit around the monitored conductor, leading to an exhausting and time consuming installation. The flexibility of
Rogowski coils saves the installer a significant amount of time and physical exertion because of how easily they surround a conductor.
“Rogowski coils are easier to install and less mechanically instrusive into existing installations vs CT’s”

CM12 Connection to

Permaconn Device

Easy and Safe Installation

“Commercial ICT’s detection coils are easier to install and less mechanically intrusive into existing installations vs CT’s”

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