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A partnership with Vodacom Business provides voice over IP (VoIP) services and infrastructure that includes both the Cisco hardware (phones) as well as services like instant messaging through applications integrated on the VoIP network for efficient communications requirements. Commercial ICT analyses existing client telecommunications costs and infrastructure and provides communication solutions that result in substantial cost savings.

VOIP is one of the largest growing trends to hit the digital market. With the High reductions in your Telecommunication costs and increase in  functionality VOIP has become a necessity to businesses all around the world. 

With a hosted VOIP solution we ensure our customers that they will have clear and cost effective Telecommunications to run their business.

Commercial ICT has over 800 satisfied VOIP users all around the country. Ranging from Small to Medium to Large Businesses.

One of our largest Migrations consisted of 4 Branches and over 179 Telephone users. More than 10 IVR menu’s with 15 Hunting facilities.

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Benefits of moving your business to Voice Over IP:

Low calling costs

Low hardware costs

Easy installation and setup

Voicemail to email

Pin dialing

IVR Menu’s

Extension management

Incoming and outgoing call reports

And so much more.

Cellphone application

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